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How does that old saying go?  When you know better, you do better…So with that being said if you now know is it your obligation to share it with others?

A young lady found out that her new boo is someone else’s husband and she needs to know if she should serve wifey the tea or just pour it out, so she left Sam Sylk of the The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK a “Dear Joanne” letter in his Facebook page messages during his Reality Hour segment for help.

Did Sam help become a better relationship waitress?  Take a look below to find out.

Dear Sam Sylk

I met this guy and we have been kickin it for most of the summer everything has been great. He takes me on the most romantic dates, walks at Edgewater and he sometimes spends the night. We I just introduced him to a friend of mine, we all went on a double date. Well come to find out according to my friends date this guy I have been kickin it with is married to his co-worker. I later confronted him about it and he say’s he is in the process of leaving her that’s why he didn’t tell me. I have caught feelings for him should I wait this thing out or keep on kickin it with him? And should I ask my friends to kind of ask her about him?

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