Eric Garner Protest

Source: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty / Getty

The New York police officer that tried to allegedly arrest Eric Garner 5 years ago, Daniel Pantaleo, has been fired.

Daniel Pantaleo was caught on tape by a witness 5 years ago putting Eric Garner in choke hold that led to the 43 year old father of six death whose final words were “I can’t breathe”.

According to Commissioner James O’Neill, Daniel Pantaleo, who had been on the force for over 30 years is being fired and will not receive his NYPD pension.  The final decision was made by O’Neil after an administrative judges recommendation.  Stating that the banned choke hold contributed to Garners death, and to paraphrase Pantaleo basically lied about the accounts of the incident.

The Garner family still angry say’s this to Pantaleo you can get another job, maybe at Burger King, but we won’t get our son back.

Do you think justice has now been served?  Let us know your thoughts.

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