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Today on the Sam Sylk Show:  Was the judge wrong or nah?  Or was ole girl a sucka for getting involved in R. Kelly’s legal woes in the first place?

Would you post $100,00 cash for a friend to get out the joint?

A Chicago judge in singer Robert Kelly’s sexual assault case has refused to give $100,000 in bail money back to a Kell’s female friend business owner, Valencia Love, who paid it in February to secure the singer’s release from county jail in Chicago.  Ms. Love caught a lot of heat from people about helping the Pied Piper who’s ship seems to be going down in the after math of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ according to the judge Valencia Love should have read the fine print that clearly indicated that she could lose the money before she offered it up.

Is this a case of a judge being fowl or a case of not getting all the facts therefore Valencia Love got burned?

Sam Sylk poses the question you:  Should she get her money back?  Complete the poll and see some of your answers in the video below.

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