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The selfless R&B singer Tank is so many things in entertainment that just to call him a singer is a severe injustice, so to not take up a whole paragraph with titles alone the word multifaceted would be more appropriate, hence the reason he stopped by to talk to Sam Sylk of The Sam Sylk Show about the multitude of projects that he has running consecutively right now at one time.

We all new that Tank is a singer/songwriter/musician so his announcement of a new album titled ‘Elevation’ was a pleasant announcement to our ears.  Tank say’s that his passion to not rest on past success but elevate to the next level was his motivation for his new album that was inspired by sexy conversations.

Tank has also teamed up with singer Fantasia to bring us The Sketchbook Tour with an amazing ensemble of singers such as of course Fantasia, Robin Thicke, Bonfire and Tank himself, that will be gracing our presence on October 8th.

However the craziest news is how Tank has found inspiration in being around comedians Jamie Foxx and Kevin Hart for so long that he is stepping on stages to do comedy now as well, taking up the empty spaces that Wendy Williams left when she cancelled on folks, LOL.  Tank laughing tells Sam Sylk look when the promoters call, I just show up.

Now you tell me if that ain’t a multifaceted brotha!?

Tank’s new album ‘Elevation’ will be available October 25, 2019.  You can take a listen to his new single ‘I Don’t Think You’re Ready’ from ‘Elevation’ below.

Check out the full conversation between Sam Sylk and Tank below.

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