Is Madea really dropping new music!? Hellur from the other side, Tyler Perry tried to fake us out by saying Madea must die, because he claimed that he was tired, but instead of breaking or hearts, he revived her during the pandemic, but when he called Madea never seemed to be at home because she […]

‘Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number’ in 1994 is where it all began musically for the teenaged “Princess of R&B” singer Aaliyah, then tragically ended in 2001 at the age of 22 with the self titled ‘Aaliyah’ after a horrific plane crash shocked the world. However in 2022 we are going to be gifted with […]

Mary J. Blige has been having us look in her musical eyes to see what she see’s since dropping her debut album ‘What’s The 411’ in 1992.   But if you think that a couple Mudbound Oscar nominations and turning powerfully into Monet Stewart Tejada, mother of Cane and Dru and Diana Tejada, wife of King […]

Hello it’s me ♫ Grammy Award winning Adele last night flaunted a new look, new attitude, new man along with Grammy worthiness new music. There was a question that was floated out on Facebook last night after the “Adele One Night Only” concert that included an exclusive interview with Oprah.  The post-er was waiting for the big Adele […]

Singer Adele has got it all and is rolling in the deep with a new man, LBJ’s homeboy, Rich Paul, now she is saying hello from the other side dropping new music. Yes honey, Adele has got a new man, new look and new music!! Love can make things so much more easy, after a […]

Where all my line dancers at?  Is there a line dance to Pass The Courvoisier?  If not we are going to be making one up by the water in The Land that will be sure to cause a high wave alert on Lake Erie. Tomorrow The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is going to […]

If you don’t want to have a record with the DJ/Record Producer screaming his name all up in through the beginning of your record, hollering, DJ KHALED (sounds like he is saying Cali), then you don’t want a banger because contrary to popular belief DJ Khaled is the beginning and the end of the party.  […]

What’s new nieces and nephews From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites, Uncle Snoop, dropped new music just in time for the 4, 20,  Gang Signs featuring Mozzy with his mind on his money and his money on his mind sippin on Gin and Juice as he passed the smoke that blew up the front of […]

Music is ageless, timeless and as we learned from the elements sounds never dissipate, they, only recreate in another place.  So what happens when you take an 11 time winning, 49 time nominated Grammy Award musical artist and pair him up with 5 time winning, 23 time nominated Grammy Award legendary duo that produced other […]

Living legend Toni Michele Braxton has her 10th studio album dropping on August 28th on Island Records and she needs everyone to have several seats and SPELL HER NAME, as she has dropped another banger with the artist known as H.E.R. titled ‘Gotta Move On’ that has a sexy, island breeze flow to it. Toni […]

What better time is there than now to give fans something to rock out to while we ride the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home, staying in doors unless it’s an emergency and now days you don’t even have to run to a record store to get something to take your mind off […]

Congratulations are in order as it is being announced via his own Instagram page that love called singer KEM’s name and he has officially gotten married to the love of his lifetime below the radar in what looks to be a story book wedding held in Montage Kapalua Bay, Maui, Hawaii. It looks like the ceremony went down […]