Taco Bell Skills Challenge

Source: Mike Ehrmann / Getty

LeBron James has been through many things in his life and although he famous for playing basketball, Just That Kid From Akron is also known for his caring and generous ways.

LeBron James after having a humbling experience with the California fires and having to evacuate his home then ride around trying to find safe lodging for his family, reality kicked in of the situation. LeBron James wanting to help made the decision to send the 1st responders a Taco Truck so that they may replenish their strength so that they may continue their hard battle to protect and save others that are in need of help.

LeBron James is also known on social media for his hilarious Taco Tuesday posts.

It may sound like a little to some but the officials in the city of Los Angeles were mighty greatful for it.

How about that for a Taco Tuesday.

Check out the Mayor of Los Angeles thanking LeBron James via Twitter below.

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