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Here’s a million dollar question, if you made more money than your fiance’ would you buy your own wedding ring?  And if so, how much would you shell out for it?

Nicki Minaj flew low under the radar and married her childhood sweetheart, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, October 21, 2019.  According to reports her pastor was flown in and Mr. Petty plopped a $1 million dollar ring on Mrs. Petty finger, that he had costumed made  and hand delivered to them from New York to LA.

But the million dollar question on everyone’s mind on social media has been:  What does Kenneth Petty do to be able to afford a $1.1 million dollar ring?  (according to reports he doesn’t have a net worth, and a pretty hard rap sheet.)  And did Nicki buy her own ring?

Could it be you?

Take a look a Sam Sylk’s take on #RingGate below:  #SamSylkShow

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