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Jermaine Whitehead struggled on the field when the Cleveland Browns were playing against Denver Broncos in what was supposed to be an “easy win,” yet turned out to be another disappointing loss, as the Dawgs would lose 19-24.

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After the game, however, things would go from bad to worse for Whitehead.

WEWS News 5 basically summed things up in a nutshell:

Whitehead struggled on the field, missing multiple tackles throughout the game. A few moments after the team left the field, the Twitter account @j2whitehead_ began responding to tweets about his play.

The safety had an extreme meltdown on his Twitter and Instagram account, to a point where he threatened fans, even telling one he would resort to violence.

His responses included “explicit language and racial slurs.”

Whitehead’s Twitter account was suspended shortly after his threatening and explicit tweets were posted.

The Browns has issued a statement yesterday in response to his meltdown.

Now, the team has cut Whitehead from the team.

This comes from the old saying: If you want to keep your job, THINK before you hit SEND!


Do you think the Browns make the right choice in cutting Jermaine Whitehead from the team?


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