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Jacquees At The Pageant

Source: Victoria Said It / C.McGraw/Radio One Saint Louis

We all remember that guy Jacquees that jumped on Ella Mai’s “Trippin”, adding a remix fire to the already trending cut.  However the problem was Jacquees did it on his own without permission from Ella Mai.  When Ella Mai’s camp said that the Jacquees version had to be removed from the internet it caused a social media battle of whether the cut should stay and which version of “Trippin” was better.  Industry folks that the play on Jacquees part was not cool at all.

That drama died out, then this happened.

Jacquees set social media on fire when he went Whitney Houston and proclaimed himself the ‘King of R&B’.  Which led to polls all over the entertainment industry of who was King, Jacquees, R. Kelly, Bobby Brown, Chris Brown, (insert any other R&B singers name here).  It was an entertaining argument however old schooler’s were like ‘Who the hell is Jacquees’?

Who is Jacquees?    25 year old, Rodriquez Jacquees Broadnax, is a R&B singer/songwriter from Columbus, Georgia.   Who had a hit single in  2016 title , “B.E.D.”, that was on the Billboard charts for 7 weeks, peaking at number 69.  Who then dropped his debut album, 4275, on June 15, 2018.

What else?

Jacquees still thinks he’s the King of R&B because while we were sleeping Jacquees dropped his sophomore album ‘King of R&B’.  So the question becomes when he started the whole King of R&B ruckus was that a publicity stunt or nah?

Check out Jacquees King of R&B Fact or Fiction below.

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