Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns

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Even if your not a sports fan by now you have heard about the big brawl with 14 seconds left in the game Thursday night between the Cleveland Browns and The Pittsburgh Steelers.  Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett snatched the helmet of Steelers QB Mason Rudolph off his head then proceeded to bust him upside the head with it.  Players from both sides jumped in and tried to break it up and thank God no one was hurt.

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This fight has been labeled the worst fight incident in NFL history, with officials handing down fines on both teams, suspensions and the biggest was Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett being suspended for the rest of the season and if they were to make it the post season Garrett is not eligible to play in them as well.

In the opinion of players past/present the actions of Garrett was criminal.  To some fans they believe his actions were caused by Mason Rudolph’s there for both players should have the same punishment.

The question is was Myles Garrett’s punishment too harsh?

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