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NFL wide receiver free agent last playing with the Jacksonville Jaguars and ex-Ohio State quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, was stabbed by his 24 year old girlfriend Shalaya Briston over the weekend.  What seem to be self defense for domestic violence has turned into an attempted homicide charge that obviously Ms. Briston felt if she had to get a mug shot it might as well be a cute one as she appears to smile for the camera.

(See mug shot click here)

According to reports  Shalaya Briston went to the club on November 30th and when she returned home, that’s when the fight broke out, literally.  Allegedly this isn’t the first time Terrelle Pryor laid hands on Ms. Brinson with whom he had been dating for a year, but this time the brawl went from the front door to the kitchen where Ms. Briston grabbed a knife and plunged it into Pryor’s chest.  Briston and her friends then rushed Pryor to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery before being charged with simple assault.  But police say they overheard Briston’s friends talking when they said she was just defending herself and that they should have let him die and now Briston has been charged with attempted homicide.

Smiling for a mug shot or not is domestic violence by the hands of a football player worthy of a self defense kitchen knife which led to attempted homicide?

Check out the video and give us your thoughts.

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