Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson Announces His Retirement

Source: Joshua Lott / Getty

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson had a ruff 2019, especially with the whole Jussie Smollett case, and had announced that after 30 years on the force he planned on retiring into the sunset in 2020, but Mayor Lori Lightfoot couldn’t wait for his retirement as it is being reported that she has terminated now former Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

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According to Mayor Lightfoot, Eddie Johnson lied about an ongoing investigation to where he was found sleep behind the wheel of his car near his home and that she had no choice but to fire him as of Monday.

Allegedly former Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson was out having drinks with a woman that wasn’t his wife on the incident question, but officials are saying when he was asked about the incident he claimed he hadn’t taken his blood pressure medicine

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