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What do the vegan/vegetarians due at Christmas ♫ when we are all having chili?  Mo’Nique has figured it out in her own kitchen.

Actress/Comedian Mo’Nique has been publicly giving her testimony of how she has gone meatless, and she looks absolutely amazing.  So instead of dissing meat lovers she has offered up a meatless meal alternative that even us meat lovers may want to dig into, a home made sweet potato chili.

According to Mo’Nique’s video that is being filmed (and taste tested) by her niece that still eats meat, Mo’Nique says she was trying not to be that overbearing person when it comes to meat consumption however  she wanted to come up with a meal we all love in the winter time without having to come out of pocket with outrageous ingredients.  Mo’Nique said she cut up sweet potatoes in chunks (that she roasted first with peppers) to replace the meat.  And according to her niece who was a skeptic, the sweet potato chili was pretty doggone good.  Not too mention just looking at the video it looks good and will make you hungry.

Take a look then try out Chef Mo’Nique’s sweet potato chili (see video below)

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Sam Sylk in the studio
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