Y’all ain’t gonna believe this sh@t!!  I guess it’s safe to say the boycott is over, for the most part everyone has kissed and made up. Actress/Comedian Mo’Nique took to social media to announce that she has a new comedy special dropping soon on Netflix. Mo’Nique made the announcement and Netflix is thrilled about it. […]

Right is right and wrong is wrong, Oscar winning actress/comedian Mo’Nique broke the comedian code, owned it and has now publicly apologized to comedian/actor/radio host D.L Hughley’s family. Two weeks ago in Detroit a comedy set went left from the rip when Mo’Nique took the stage and publicly ripped D.L. Hughley over what was a […]

People might not like how rapper/Power King, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, speaks his mind, but there is two things that are for sure, he is a marketing genius and he is a man of his word.  After 50 Cent witnessed actress/comedian Mo’Nique live in action on stage during Super Bowl weekend this year he said that […]

The beef has been going on since Mo’Nique took home an Oscar for the movie ‘Precious’ but after rapper/producer, Power Universe King, 50 Cent, recently pulled out his strap, then Will Smith laid out a slap during The Oscars finally the much needed apology from Lee Daniels has came. Life is too short and none of us are getting […]

Rapper Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson has transitioned extremely well to television producer with his major hit ‘Power’ as well as the spinoff’s on Starz, but the one thing about the ‘Power Universe’ King that hasn’t changed since his exclusively rapping days is 50 Cent’s power to speak his mind at all costs, so when the […]

When one Hollywood Black Ball closes a door the Starz Power of Universe creator, 50 Cent will open another, and after watching actress/comedian Mo’nique perform at a stand up comedy show during Super Bowl weekend, that’s what it sounds like 50 is going to do for Mo. It’s no secret about the ongoing riff between […]

Comedian/actress Mo’Nique must be coming to the land soon, because we all know when something goes viral with Mo’Nique within a few day’s just like ‘I’m Every Woman’ ♫Anytime you feel danger or fear, instantly I will appear ’cause ♫ she finds her way to The Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star on 93.1 WZAK. […]

What do the vegan/vegetarians due at Christmas ♫ when we are all having chili?  Mo’Nique has figured it out in her own kitchen. Actress/Comedian Mo’Nique has been publicly giving her testimony of how she has gone meatless, and she looks absolutely amazing.  So instead of dissing meat lovers she has offered up a meatless meal […]

Here is something that is fact, whenever there is something that is going on in her life and her career that blogs/news sources/internet is printing for viral content purposes, Oscar winning actress/comedian Mo’Nique flies into Cleveland, OH and pays a visit to her brother Sam Sylk, Radio One mid-day radio host on 93.1 WZAK and […]

Comedian/Oscar winning actress, Mo’Nique, had asked the people to stand-up and boycott Netflix a little while ago when she felt the streaming service wasn’t afford her, her just due, but now it’s being reported that the boycott might not have worked so maybe a lawsuit will, as she is reportedly suing the streaming giant. According […]

May of 2019 has not been a good month for two of the most powerful men in Hollywood: Steve Harvey and Lee Daniels. Harvey lost his gig as host of NBC’s ‘Little Big Shots’ while his long-running talk show got cancelled after seven years, including a retooling and relocation from Chicago to Los Angeles. Daniels […]

Monique is embracing all of her gray strands and loving it in a new photo on Instagram. The comedian is currently in the middle of her Las Vegas residency but took a short piece out of her day to show some love to the ‘gram and to herself. “MO’NIQUE DOES VEGAS! Embracing the GREY! sisters […]