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Interestingly enough all the ladies from part II seemed to be really concerned for Joycelyn Savage because she seems so Beyonce’ like but maybe daddy being locked up and the stress of everyone leaving her is causing her to boss up because looking at a Live video from Azriel Clary Joycelyn is steppin in asses in the name of love.  #howdareyouleaveRKelly

Last we heard Joycelyn had set up a paid site to allegedly tell her story of being a victim of R. Kelly.  The site was eventually do to suspicions that it wasn’t really Joycelyn.

And maybe it wasn’t cause she appears to be the last woman standing for Daddy.

In a IG Live video by Azriel Clary, allegedly, it looks like the two ladies, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, are having a heated argument because Azriel is bouncing and Joycelyn can’t believe it, so much so that Joycelyn bopped Azriel and that’s when the physical rumble started.

According to Azriel she is pressing charges on Joycelyn, so if the Savages want they daughter back they can get her from the jail!?  #IJS

Warning the video is raw and clear but more importantly sad.  Is this what it’s coming too?

We bout to throw them bows, We bout to swing them thangs, We bout to throw them bows,We bout to swing them thangs, It’s a bout to be a (WHAT) girl fight !!

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