Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

Source: WZAK / Radio One Digital

Sometimes in life we find that some relationships work better as friends opposed to being husband and wife.  Unfortunately for some they figure that out after they have walked down the aisle.  But what happens when the marriage doesn’t work out but your friendship does however it’s too pain full for you to continue on as a friend because you love them too much and can’t stand to see them move on.

For this young brotha he has found himself in this situation and he reached out to Sam Sylk, radio host and author, and Bijou Star co-host of The Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star on 93.1 WZAK during the 1:00 pm Reality Hour via a letter in Sam’s Facebook Messages , to find out what should he do about not only the ending of his marriage but wanting to close their friendship as well.

See if Sam Sylk and Bijou Star were able to salvage what is left of their relationship below.

Dear Sam

My wife and I separated some time ago and we’ve been good friends since however she wants a divorce which is fair but I still love her and I am finding it hard to be just her friend. Is it unreasonable to ask that we go separate ways period no phone calls, no invites for holidays etc etc, I think i’d find it easier to cope and move on? I can’t cope with the thought of still being friends knowing how I still love her.