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6 Year old Nadia wasn’t having a very good day in school.  The school where she attended decided that she was uncontrollable, invoked the Baker Act, which allows authorities to force a psychiatric evaluation on anyone considered a danger to themselves or others, had the police pick her up and take her away.  All of this without contacting the 6 year old little girls mother (well they did after the fact).  When the child was at the mental hospital she was sedated for two days and her mother wasn’t allowed to see her.  But that’s not the heartbreaking part.

When police officers came to the school to pick Nadia up she was very cooperative and even asked was she being taken to jail, officers told her no she wasn’t, but what is caught on the police officers body came was what was so heart breaking:

“I think they may have agitated her a little bit,”  “I don’t see it how they say it… she’s been actually very pleasant.”

Nadia was enrolled in the school, with the school knowing she had special needs being diagnosed with ADHD and she is also awaiting results from being test for being on the autism spectrum.

Nadia’s mom and Nadia herself have been traumatized by the incident.  Nadia has been removed from the school and her mother is looking for answers as well as an apology for what took place.

In a statement from the school district:

“With regard to the statements made on the video, note that the officers in the video were not present during the events which motivated the school to call Child Guidance, our crisis response care provider. The police officers were also not present when Child Guidance was intervening with the student. It was the mental health counselor from Child Guidance, not the police officer or school personnel, who made the Baker Act decision.”

Did this school bite off more than they were prepared/qualified to handle by enrolling young Nadia?  More importantly did the school overreact?  Should they have called mom to come and pick her up?

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