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I wonder how Adina Howard would have handled this one?  Maybe she could remixed ‘Freak Like Me‘ to ‘Freak Like Not Him’.  A loyal listener reached out to Sam Sylk, radio host and author, and Bijou Star co-host of The Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star on 93.1 WZAK during the 1:00 pm Reality Hour via a letter in Sam’s Facebook Messages .  What was her issue?  She found a man that she is love with but his dysfunction is killing her freakiness inside.  So she left it up to Sam Sylk and Bijou Star to see what they could to, help her make her love come down.

Check out what their solution was below.

Dear Sam,

I’ve been my relationship going on 5 years now and of course we’ve had our ups and downs. At this moment we are in a good place the only thing is our sex life is obsolete. This year we’ve only had sex once and last year I can count on both hands how many time we’ve had sex. I’m only 29 years old and he’s in his mid 30’s. I love him so much but when we first got together he knows I was big on sex and I’m still that way, so with me being faithful and not getting the sex I need it’s kinda driving me crazy. I went through a phase of feeling he wasn’t attracted to me anymore, then it turned into me being insecure and not trusting him, wondering was he messing around on me just all kinds of things. Anytime I’d voice how I felt it would turn into an argument because I wasn’t accepting his excuses. He finally came out and told me he believes he have erectile dysfunction and I kind of figured that. My things is I love him so much I began trying to find things that could help him out or even spice up our sex life. Now I feel like I’m the only one taking the initiative, I feel like I’m begging my man to please me and it is unfair to me. To an extent I feel like I’m settling but he is the man I love and who I want to be with I just want him to pull his weight as far as pleasing me sexually. I’m not interested in stepping out and masturbation is getting old. What is some advice you’d give me and also am I settling (selling myself short) by staying with him? I’m young and if we plan to be together we have plenty of years left to go and I know I can’t continue like this please help!

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