As Hollywood outsiders, we’re not always aware of which allegiances and genuine friendships exist between people in the industry. Personally, I didn’t know that video vixen turned host Melyssa Ford was friends with model and entrepreneur Toccara Jones. But the two have been down for one another for some time. And apparently, their friendship has stood the test of time, including some messy dating situations that might have burnt bridges and ruined relationships.


The two sat down together for Ford’s podcast, I’m Here For The Food, with co-host Blue Telusma. During the chat, they spoke about Toccara’s intimate line, her break from social media, and the time she and Melyssa dated the same men.

See what they had to say about that moment that spoke to the strength of their friendship below.

Melyssa: So one day, I’m at her house. She’s cleaning up and I’m smoking a little something something or whatnot. And I’m just going on and on about my new beau.

Toccara: Before that happened, we were kind of talking to another guy. That’s why I didn’t say something to you. Because when that happened, we talked. And when this new situation happened, I didn’t say anything right then because of what happened before. The way that that went. While she’s telling me about her new situation, I’m getting ready to go meet this guy. She’s over my house, in my room. Telling me about…and it ate me up so bad. I knew cuz she told me but I didn’t say anything to her right then, what I normally would do. But we had already had an incident with somebody totally different. So I said, let me handle this different. So I went to go see him and then I told her.

Because I think that’s shady. I should have said something at that point.

Melyssa: So I’m at her house and she’s mad quiet. So the next morning, I wake up and she’s like, ‘Hey boo, can I come over?’ And I thought that was so strange just because of the time of day. It was in the morning. I lived in the Valley, she lived in Hollywood. So I was like, ‘Why does she want to come over?’ But I said yeah of course. So she comes over and she’s like, ‘I got to tell you something. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you last night, I just was caught so far off guard that I didn’t know what to say or how to say it. But I have to say it. She was just like dude you’re talking to, I’m talking to him too. And I was just like…oh. What I said to her, ‘Knock yourself out.’ I didn’t have to have a conversation with him. I was going to eventually—not eventually probably the next day or something like that because he called me. I just want to say this, that there was no way I was losing my friend to this guy, no matter who the f*ck he was. I was not losing my girlfriend.

Toccara: And that’s what I was saying earlier. The women. We have to stick together and hold each other up. We not bout to fight over no guy.

Melyssa: It was…can I say it? Drake. He’s a nice guy.

Toccara: Everybody loves Drake.

Melyssa: To me, I thought, ‘Wow, you really did bite off more than you could chew.’ Because I mean—you’ve got Tocarra and then you got me. What I’m trying to say here is the two of us are each a seven-course meal. So you greedy, gluttonous m*thaf*cka. And it wasn’t a secret that we were friends. That was what had me. You don’t get to date girlfriends. Don’t be messy.

You can watch their whole interview in the video below.


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