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Today on the Bijou Star files on 93.1 WZAK, March 6, 2020:

These cleaners kill the coronavirus, the products That Made The EPA’s Disinfectants List:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released a list of disinfectants to protect against the spread of the coronavirus.  According to the EPA, products on the list have “qualified for use against COVID-19” through the agency’s Emerging Viral Pathogen program where manufacturers provide the EPA with data that “shows their products are effective against harder-to-kill viruses.”

Making the list is Lysol, Clorox, Purell plus [CLICK HERE]

Speaking of the Coronavirus…

Tito’s Warns Customers Against Making Vodka Hand Sanitizer

Some people that probably were not drinking responsibly, thought it was a good idea to not only drink responsibly but to put their Vodka to a healthier use by using it has homemade sanitizer to help protect against the Coronavirus.  I mean it is alcohol, right?  Nope WRONG!!

Tito’s Vodka is taking to the company Twitter page to strongly urge American customers against using its product in handmade sanitizers, as it is not considered an effective replacement for Purell, according to the Centers For Disease Control.

“Per the CDC, hand sanitizer needs to contain at least 60% alcohol. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is 40% alcohol, and therefore does not meet the current recommendation of the CDC. Please see attached for more information.”

Terrence Howard Trying To Block Ex-Wife Michelle Ghent From Seizing His ‘Empire’ Checks and Now 20th Century FOX is Confused

Terrence Howard is battling his ex-wife Michelle Ghent’s attempts to seize his “Empire” paychecks to settle a $1.3 million debt.

In newly filed court documents, 20th Century says Michelle served them with the court order stating 100% of Terrence’s money is to be paid to them.

20th Century says Terrence’s company is threatening to sue them for breach of contract if he isn’t paid fully. He has filed an appeal of the divorce judgment and believes enforcement is stayed, meaning it is put on pause until the outcome of his appeal.

The studio says they are unsure of how to handle the situation and don’t want to pay the money to the wrong person.  [read story here]

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