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Today on the Bijou Star files on 93.1 WZAK, April 2, 2020:  See video and stories below

OH NO!?  Somebody Burned Up The Charmin!?

If you weren’t one of the toilet paper bandits that bought up an overabundance of toilet paper a couple of weeks ago this story may have you concerned, Big Rig Carrying Toilet Rolls Crashes in Texas, Precious Cargo Burns.  An 18-wheeler carrying commercial toilet paper overturned on the Interstate 20 in the early hours of the morning and caught fire, causing the vast majority of its precious cargo to go up in flames.  Read More

Donald Trump Won’t Reopen Obamacare Enrollment For Uninsured Amid Coronavirus

Donald Trump’s administration has decided not to reopen Obamacare enrollment for those who are currently uninsured during the coronavirus pandemic.  Read More

A Million N95 Masks Are Coming From China

The Massachusetts governor struck a deal for supplies but needed a way to transport them. The result was a tense saga and a shipment on the NFL team’s 767.  Read More

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Orders Investigation Into Firing of Amazon Strike Organizer

Bill de Blasio said at a news conference Tuesday:  “I’ve ordered the city’s commission on human rights to investigate Amazon immediately to determine if that’s true,”“If so, that would be a violation of our city’s human rights law and we would act on it immediately.” Read More

Alcohol Sales See A Major Increase During Viral Pandemic

As everyone adjusts to being quarantined, it appears that folks are getting turnt.  Read More

Target, Trader Joe’s & Publix Among Retailers Closing On Easter To Give Overworked Employees Relief

Target, Trader Joe’s and Publix are officially closing on Easter to give employees some welcomed time off for their over-worked/hard-work during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read More

Florida Governor Issues Statewide Stay-At-Home Order After Residents Continue To Ignore Social Distancing Rules

Following weeks of documented acts of residents deliberately not adhering to the rules of social distancing and self-quarantine, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has finally put his foot down. Earlier today, the governor issued a statewide stay-at-home order for all Florida residents for at least 30 days—beginning April 2nd.  Read More

Jermaine Dupri Reveals He Regrets Not Introducing TLC To The Masses

In a recent interview Jermaine Dupri mentioned he regretted passing on TLC. At the time, he didn’t think he had the bandwidth to manage the girl group and Kris Kross.  Read More

Senior Social Security Recipients & Students Among Those Unlikely To Receive Stimulus Check

According to new reports, seniors receiving social security along with high school and college students, may find themselves out of luck.  Read More

NY Man Hid COVID-19 Symptoms In Order To Deliver Newborn Child–Wife Now Infected

A New York man hid his COVID-19 symptoms, in order to assist his wife in delivery, and she is now showing signs of the illness. Read More

U.S. Prisoners Will Be Quarantined In Their Cells For Next 14 Days To Combat Coronavirus Spread

U.S. prisoners will be on another level of lockdown in order to slow the spread of coronavirus inside the nation’s jails.  Read More

Chuck D Admits on April Fool’s Day That Flavor Flav Firing Was a Hoax!?

After a month of controversy, Chuck D has admitted feud that got Flavor Flav fired from Public Enemy was just a hoax.  Read More

Wayne Brady Is Self-Isolating With His Ex-Wife…and Her Boyfriend

According to Wayne Brady:

“My ex-wife Mandie and I, we have a different and a very special situation than a lot of people that co-parent … For the entire duration of [Malie’s] life, we have co-parented as best friends,”  “we live virtually next door to each other.” “Mandie, her boyfriend Jason, my daughter Maile, we are a family, so we’re like this new, nuclear family …”  Read more


Disney isn’t letting its most loyal customers off the hook because its parks are closed — they’re still getting charged…Read More


Prince Charles says his health is on the upswing as he battles the coronavirus — and he’s feeling well enough to give the UK his version of “keep calm and carry on.”  Read More

Sprint And T-Mobile Officially Merge Under $31-Billion Deal

Two major U.S telecommunications networks, T-Mobile and Sprint, have finally merged, according to reports. The merger is worth more than $31 billion.  Read More

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