Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

Source: WZAK / Radio One Digital

Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic is not only waging war on our health, but with shelter in place orders and social distancing it is also testing our relationships that we have been forced to be closer to than ever before, which is retrospect you would have thought would be a good thing being around your loved 24 hours a day, but it has made us look at our relationships through a different lens.

A healthcare worker reached out to The Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star via Facebook messages to see if an issue she is having with her man is his fear of the pandemic or if he just isn’t relationship material in the first place.

See what Sam Sylk and Bijou Star think about the man that ran for the hills while his woman is in the fight below.

Dear Sam

My boyfriend walked out on me when they first issued the shelter in place order because I’m a healthcare worker and he said he didn’t feel safe. He found out the hard way that during these times that friends don’t want you housed up with them, his mother is elderly and she doesn’t want him there. Now 3 weeks later he is trying to come back to my house. He wants me to forgive him but I feel like he abandoned me when things got ruff. He says he was just scared and confused and understands the error he made, and that he is sorry. Sometimes when things get ruff people show their real colors, now I feel like I can’t trust him. I still do love him but in this case he say’s I didn’t make him feel safe but hell I’m the woman what about me feeling safe. We never had these issues before COVID-19. Is this a sign that we should be truly over or do you think I should try to work with him and let him back in? Or has he shown me his true colors? After all this pandemic is a history making once in a lifetime thing.