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We all know that dealing with teenagers, that now everything is par for the course, and with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on America, shelter in orders and new normal rules are not something our hard headed teenagers are trying to deal with, because teenagers are rebellious by nature so these times are difficult for them only because they may not be taking the coronavirus as serious as us adults.  So unfortunately you have stories pop up of teenagers having parties, not social distancing, doing the most, because I’m sure they feel they are invincible.  Sheltering in, for a teenager is probably the hardest thing that can be in place for them, at least in their mind.

With all of that being said, your teenager is tired of being in the house, being in their own yard is boring, so they just up and leave, even though the law say’s stay at home but more importantly you said for them to stay at home.  But they leave anyway.  When they come back how do you handle that?

Unfortunately a 16 year old teenager in Atlanta, parents, his mother and stepfather demanded him to shelter in because of the coronavirus pandemic, the teenager refused and left.  When the 16 year old returned home, he kicked in the door, a fight broke out between him and his stepfather and then the 16 year olds stepfather shot and killed him.

Now his stepfather is being charged with a felony murder charge.

Crazy, right?  They wanted the teenager to follow the rules to save his life, but tragically end up taking his life.

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