New York Continues To Struggle With Coronavirus Spread As Parts Of U.S. Look To Reopen

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Prayers are in order as it has been reported that one of our front line workers has succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic, however not from the virus itself, but from the stress that she was under from the fight on the coronavirus.

49 year old, Dr. Lorna Breen, was an emergency room doctor at the COVID-19 epicenter, in a Manhattan, New York hospital.  Dr. Breen’s family and friends described her as a passionate, faithful doctor who lived to help others.  Although Dr. Breen loved her job the stress of dealing with treating patients for COVID-19 was just too much, as police reported that she died after suffering self-inflicted injuries while at her families home in Charlottesville.

According to a police statement:

“Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can reduce the likelihood of being infected, but what they cannot protect heroes like Dr. Lorna Breen, or our first responders, against is the emotional and mental devastation caused by this disease,”

According to Dr. Lorna Breen’s father, she herself  had contracted coronavirus, returned to work after a little over a week, the hospital then sent her home and from there she had went to Charlottesville.   Her father say’s that his daughter was a hero that never displayed any mental illness before her tragic death.

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We will be keeping the Breen family uplifted in our prayers, as well as all our front line workers, that are helping save and protecting lives from this horrific pandemic.

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