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In order for change to come, ownership and transparency must be brought forth.  We are all one, we all are people, people that when we are hurt we are looking to be healed, loved and understood.  We want other people to see us, feel us and not treat us like our tears or our broken hearts are not valid.  If you prick us, do we not bleed? Or how about, if I prick you, will you not bleed?  The answers to both questions is yes.

With all of that being said we are seeing across the world that on both sides of the protest line, all the above is true, and for the first time men in blue are allowing us to see that they all are not the same and acknowledge our pain because our pain is their pain as well.  And the first step towards all our healing is by kneeling with us.

Today a peaceful protest took place on the city’s West Side and Cleveland police kneeled with protestors in support of George Floyd.  Read More  

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