Millburn Black Lives Matter Protest

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Ignorance is truly bliss, however the ignorant blissfulness of racism is turning into dejection.

At a peaceful protest in New Jersey while protestors walked in the name of George Floyd a Trump supporter in opposition of the Black Lives Matter movement decided it was a good idea to give his interpretation of what makes America Great while inadvertently proving a point of whats wrong with America by mocking the killing of George Floyd.

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James DeMarco was caught on video kneeing on someones neck in front of the peaceful protestors yelling:

“He didn’t comply. He didn’t comply. If he would’ve complied it wouldnt’ve happened,” “That’s why he’s dead.”“God bless the police, ya dumb ass protesters,”

Well his place of employment, FedEx, took a stance and said yes this is America, however your interpretation/ignorance of what happened to George Floyd won’t be tolerated, and by the way your FIRED.

In a statement given by FedEx:


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