Onboard camera in police vehicle with sirens on rainy day.

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Say goodbye to the popular, live-action television show ‘Cops.’

Following its 1989 debut on Fox before moving to what was then Spike TV in 2013, the channel that is now called The Paramount Network had pulled airings of the show due to recent events.

Now, things have changed to where the show is gone completely.

From Uproxx:

Cops, the long-running reality show about law enforcement, was abruptly canceled after more than three decades on the air. The Hollywood Reporter said on Tuesday that Paramount Network, which was currently airing the show in syndication until new episodes were pulled last week, will now cancel the show altogether amid ongoing protests.

The show’s 33rd season was supposed to start this month, with the usual format of following “officers around as they did they policed various parts of the country.”  That concept has now been deemed controversial as extensive police brutality has shifted how a lot of people view those in uniforms.

Will you miss ‘Cops’ or are you glad to see the show gone?


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Article Courtesy of Uproxx

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