Dame Dash

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When R&B princess, Aaliyah passed away tragically in a plane crash in 2001 the world was heartbroken but none more then Hip Hop producer Damon Dash with whom she was dating a the time of her death.  When Aaliyah was alive Dame Dash rode for the love of his life and in her passing he continues to ride for her even harder.

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Lifetime producers allegedly, and by looking at the video below, in a filming of Damon Dash on set somehow tried to use Aaliyah to exploit his story, Damon Dash went smooth off on on Lifetime producers on set and anyone that tried to defend that narrative, then quit ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ before snatching his mic off.

“You think you’re going to f***ing exploit me when it comes to Aaliyah?”

First Master P now Damon Dash, quit??  Lifetime might have some explaining to do about their Reality Television tactics.

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