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Two Donald Trump supporters decided to add their own unique feelings on a Black Lives Matter mural in a town near San Francisco, California.  In other words, they opted to ruin a huge piece of artwork many had been working on for quite a while.

Despite getting proper paperwork and approval, there were still those who decided to take their over the existence of a BLM mural into their own hands.

From EURweb:

It happened this past Saturday in Martinez, CA — where a large mural reading “BLM” was stenciled and filled in with paint by the people there in front of their local courthouse — something city officials approved and even advertised as a community-led holiday event, reports TMZ.

The painting of the mural was scheduled from 9 AM to 3 PM, but not too long after folks there finished up the job, two knuckleheads decided they wanted to deface mural.

While Martinez Police Officers are looking for those two, they are not willing to call this a hate crime.

No matter what type of offense those officers are referring to it as, those two are facing potential jail time if and when caught.

Here’s all of the footage below:

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