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The Coronavirus pandemic is not only causes major health issues throughout the world but according to a recent study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic COVID-19 has got folks singing ♫ But I guess I’m lonely, Brokenhearted, Life’s not over I can start again, While I’m lonely brokenhearted, It’s a hurting thing to get over ♫ the duet by R&b singer Brandy featuring Boys II Men Wanya Morris.

Ironically enough according to cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic they have noticed a rise in Broken-Heart Syndrome during the pandemic however the patients they have seen it in have not tested positive for COVID-19.

Broken-heart syndrome, the colloquial name for stress cardiomyopathy, causes dysfunction or failure in the heart muscle. Patients experience symptoms similar to a heart attack, but usually do not have acutely blocked coronary arteries. Doctors commonly attribute it to psychological, social or emotional stress.  Read More

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