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LeBron James

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There comes in time in life, if we are blessed enough to walk this earth in that time, with maturation, that something happens and it is placed on your heart to take a stand on something.  It is in that moment that things in your mind, body and spirit start to shift.

In the case of basketball great, Los Angeles Laker, LeBron James, that shift came in the tragic, unjustified death of Breonna Taylor in Lousiville, KY, who was killed by plain cloths officers that kicked in her door without identifying themselves, then shooting and killing, Ms. Taylor while she was sleeping in bed.  For LeBron James a man that staked his claims in just being a basketball player and giving back to the community he grew up in, not being vocal on political issues, not inserting himself into protest vocally, but mildly with reminders of whats wrong in our world with words spelled out on gear.  But through maturation something was placed on King James heart, Breonna Taylors assailants wore a uniform that is supposed to protect and serve us, however in this case their uniform is being used as a shield because they have not been brought before the people for judgement for taking the life of a young lady that did absolutely nothing wrong, hence the shift in LeBron James, hence the movement in his heart, body and spirit to use his post game interview as a time to ensue activism for justice for Breonna Taylor.

No longer will LeBron James shut up and dribble.

Take a look at LeBron James speak about justice for Breonna Taylor and race in America in the video below.

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