Selma, Alabama Celebrates The Life Of Rep. John Lewis

Source: Lynsey Weatherspoon / Getty

John Lewis who fought for justice and equality for people of color until the day he took his last breath. in 1965 a young civil rights leader, John Lewis, on Bloody Sunday, in a demonstration for civil rights led the Selma to Montgomery march across The Edmund Pettus Bridge peaceful and unarmed only to be met by armed Alabama police that tried to beat John Lewis to death.  John Lewis would make it a yearly event to stand on that very bridge that may have broken many but it only made Lewis stronger.

Yesterday John Lewis, the original member of the ‘Big Six’, Martin Luther King Jr., James Farmer, A. Philip Randolph, Roy Wilkins and Whitney Young, made his final visit to that very bridge that nearly took his life on his way to his final resting place in power in Washington D.C.  A trip across the Edmund Pettus Bridge that might be seeing it’s last days with the name sprawled across the top to be renamed after the man that was empowered by the hate he was met with on that date.

“I gave a little blood on that bridge. I thought I was going to die.  I thought I saw death.”- John Lewis

Imagine seeing death only to find a powerful life.

Thank you, Rest In Power John Lewis

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