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This battle is going to be interesting to say the least two ladies that grew up in the music industry and actually are Grammy Award winning singers winning the award for a song that they did together ‘The Boy Is Mine’ but much like the song that came off as a beef/battle the ladies have been at odds ever since, allegedly, which makes this Verzuz battle between Monica and Brandy even a greater must see.

Original it was reported that Monica didn’t want to do a Verzuz with Brandy but evidently something has changed.

Monday, August 31st, at 8PM live from Tyler Perry’s studios broadcasting to your Instagram Live or Apple Music Monica and Brandy will go head to head on Verzuz, and the announcement has set social media on fire about who is truly the best between the to ladies that have not seem to be able to rewind their differences to before they were Grammy Award winning artist. Both Monica and Brandy started their careers off as teenagers. 30 year old Monica has 8 studio albums to her credit to 41 year old Brandy’s 7.

So on August 31st we will be sure to be sitting up in our room waiting to hear which Angel of mine will win but more importantly get to listen to the music that even warrants the conversation of why we love them so much.

Who’s truly the best? We will have to hold on til August 31st to find out.

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