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K. Michelle Album Preview For 'Kimberly: The People I Used To Know'

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Errrbody has been hooked onto the hit on Starz P-Valley about a strip club in Mississippi that makes The Players Club look like something that belongs on the Las Vegas strip. The quick synopsis of the show is a person named Uncle Clifford owns a strip club named The Pynk (however it’s pronounced the Pank) that a company that wants to build a casino is trying get their hands on, however an Autumn breeze blew in via a flood that tried to kill their man but missed but unfortunately lost her baby. The star of the club is an O.G. that’s sits upon the trilogy named Mercedes who wants to get out the game but can’t because her preacher mother said God gave her the vision to steal her money and open a church. Sound crazy, right? Well the long version is even crazier and what’s craziest is singer/reality star, K. Michelle, was originally up for the role and had the blues when she lost out to Actress Brandee Evans a woman who lost it all on the path to be the Queen of the pole in Pussy Valley.

Can you imagine K. Michelle being a gymnast quality pole dancer? If you can’t K could because she cried for days after she didn’t get the role after being in the final two.

K. Michelle recently took to IG to tell the story of her pursuit to get the leading role of P-Valley and how distraught she was after not getting it.

Take a look at the video below

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