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ABC News Presents: "The President and The People" - A Town Hall with President Donald Trump and George Stephanopoulos

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Donald Trump found out just what the city of brotherly love was about and loving him wasn’t it.

Donald Trump had a Town Hall meeting in Philly called “The President and the People,” thinking he would do what he  usually does talk about current affairs in the world giving only his opinion while thinking everyone in the world is stupid and dumb but him.  I mean he is the president and he is above approach, right?  Right if he is talking to his minions but the Town Hall was called “The President and the People” and he quickly learned that our people will speak their mind, won’t be disrespected and if you don’t come correct they will tell you to have several seats.

President Trump held the town hall trying to impress African Americans but it seems once again his idea failed.  Trump either thought that African Americans were going to fall in line and just let him talk or he didn’t think they would have any legitimate, intelligent questions to ask because when Alycee Block, an assistant professor from Philadelphia who suffers from sarcoidosis which qualifies as a pre-existing condition under the Affordable Care Act, asked if the provision to take care of pre-existing conditions would be removed…Trump tried to jump the conversation before Ms. Block quickly checked Trump and sent him into crickets mode (see video below):

“Please stop and let me finish my question, sir. Should that be removed? Within a 36 to 72-hour period, without my medication, I will be dead.”…“I want to know what it is that you’re going to do to assure that people like me who work hard, we do everything we’re supposed to do, can stay insured,”

If the purpose of the town hall was to convince African Americans to vote for him, Donald Trump may have done himself a disservice.

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