Unveiling Of Banner Honoring Slain Civil Rights Attorney In Louisville

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

As protest broke out all over the world after the reading of the Louisville, KY, Grand Jury’s decision to basically only charge 1 officer for firing his gun in the Breonna Taylor no-knock warrant fiasco that ultimately took her life, however he is not being charged for killing the 26 year old emergency room medical worker.  Meaning no justice for Breonna Taylors death however there is another judge/prosecutor watching, and in the midst of a protest a message was sent.

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Although justice is not being served at the lower level, we all know that the one that sits high and looks low is in control and vengeance is his, ironically one of his angels faces that justice had not been served while on earth, was captured by a Louisville reporter as a reminder that The Ancestors Are Watching.

A Louisville reporter captured a powerful photo during last nights protest downtown Louisville in the wake of no justice being served for Breonna Taylor.  The woman overlooking the street whose photo hangs from the building is Alberta Jones. She was one of the first black women to pass the bar in Kentucky and the city’s first black woman prosecutor before she was murdered in 1965.

A 35 year old Alberta Jones was beaten and left for dead, Jones’ body was discovered in the Ohio River near the Old Fountain Ferry Amusement Park in 1965.  Her killers were never brought to justice.

Take a look at Alberta Jones sitting high and looking low, below as we all pray for multiple justices to be served.

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