Protests Across Chicago For and Against Police

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The COVID-19 pandemic is spiking across the country just as some health professionals had predicted back in the spring with it being flu season and the weather turning colder forcing us inside.  Wearing a mask has been said to help with reducing the spread of COVID-19, coupled with hand washing frequently and social distancing but unfortunately because our leaders can’t be on the same page with this, the people aren’t on the same page and you still have some people that will not wear a mask even if the store they are walking into says no mask, no service.

Two Chicago sisters Jessica (21 yrs old) and Jaya Hill (18 yrs old), 21, who just happened to be sistas, walked into the store maskless when confronted by a store security guard.  The Hill sisters then proceeded to stab the security guard 27 times.

Thankfully the security guard is okay but the young sisters residency will be away from each other for a long time.

Jessica and Jayla Hill are now facing felony counts of attempted first-degree murder and are being currently held without a bond.

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