CBC Message To America: Rep. Marcia Fudge Says Children Across America Need Our Help

Source: Congressional Black Caucus

Rep Marcia L. Fudge has gone from Warrensville Heights to The White House as secretary of housing and urban development nominee, but she hasn’t forgotten about the people that matters during these hard times with the COVID-19 pandemic not only wreaking havoc on peoples health but on peoples way of earning money to pay for something as simple as rent and mortgages.

Fudge’s address might has changed but her heart and passion has not.

Marcia Fudge told senators Thursday that she would take “extraordinary actions” to prevent people from losing their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fudge championed homeownership as a classically American “ticket to the middle class” and endorsed federal financial assistance to expand the ranks of minority homeowners.  Read More

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