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ABC's "American Idol" - Season Four

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‘American Idol’ has returned to ABC for another season on Feb. 14 with a new round of hopefuls trying out for a chance to make it in the music industry.  The latest is someone from a family that has been controversial and polarizing for the past few years.

Claudia Conway was the one of those who auditioned on the show last night and not only were viewers greeted with her singing, but also the appearance of her former White House and Trump counselor mom Kellyanne, whose screen time was the most unwelcome fans of ‘Idol’ has even seen given her work and statements.

The screen presences of both mother and daughter are also odd given how they have been against each other in the news lately.

Last summer, Claudia wanted to be emancipated from mother Kellyanne and father George after “years of childhood trauma and abuse.”

From Uproxx:

The situation appeared to intensify this January when TMZ reported that law enforcement had carried out a welfare check after Claudia “secretly recorded and posted a video showing her mom screaming and swearing at her” on TikTok. Most recently, Kellyanne was accused of posting a topless photo of her daughter on Twitter.

None of that seem to matter as America got to see Kellyanne showing “encouragement” for Claudia in a segment that was filmed way back in November of last year.  The mom’s appearance was a “surprise.”

From her dancing to the sound of her voice (“Claudiaaaaaaaaaa!”), Kellyanne’s appearance on ‘Idol’ made a lot of viewers and online users extremely uncomfortable.  Now, the show is getting dragged for the stunt.

It seemed as if the show knew what they were doing when Claudia auditioned and was familiar with the scandals and her entire family, especially Kellyanne.

As for Claudia’s audition, which saw her being accompanied by George in person, she was able to get a yes vote from both Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, while Luke Bryan said no.  That means Claudia is going to Hollywood.

We shall see how long that will last.

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