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VP Biden Delivers Keynote At National Action Network's Annual King Day Breakfast

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Just miles from where George Floyd was murdered almost a year ago history repeated itself again when a now ex-police officer took the life of 20 year old Duante Wright, except this time it was by gunfire opposed to a knee.

Yesterday, just days after justice was served in the death of George Floyd, the 20 year old Duante Wright was laid to rest, as his family as well as a community is searching for peace in the form of justice for his murder.  So it was only fitting that the man that has been fighting for social injustices all his life,  Reverend Al Sharpton, would deliver a powerful as well as empowering eulogy during Daunte Wrights funeral with a message of turning pain into change and the need for fresh air.

“We come today as the air fresheners for Minnesota. We’re trying to get the stench of police brutality out of the atmosphere. We’re trying to get the stench of racism out of the atmosphere. We’re trying to get the stench of racial profiling out of the atmosphere,” “Your air is too odorous for us to breathe. We can’t breathe in your stinking air no more.”

The shooting and killing of Duante Wright has been described by the police department as an accidental discharge.  Ex-officer Kim Potter is being charged with second-degree manslaughter and could face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty.

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