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Women are the most sensitive, loving and emotional beings on this planet.  Ladies, fellas now that women like to be wined and dinned.  Men know that women love to receive flowers, especially at work.  Women love to walk hand and hand with their man.  A lot of women in the new millennium don’t like to admit it but chivalrous men turn them on.  Woman love for them men to not only buy them expensive gifts but little tokens of appreciation to show that their man is thinking about them just make them melt.   Women love romantic trips/getaways.  Anything a man can do to make that woman feel special women absolutely love.

However with all of that being said ladies and gentlemen, is it romantic, sexy, special or all the above, if your man physically shaves your pubic hairs?  Fellas is shaving your lady’s pubic hair crossing a male line?  If not, and your cool with, would you allow your girl to video tape you then hit post on their social media?   Inquiring minds really want to know.

If you ask singer R&B Tyrese their is no ‘Shame’ in him making sure his new ‘Sweet Lady’ landscaping stays on point and we are not talking about the grass in her front yard.

Zelie Timothy posted a video of singer Tyrese patiently lining up her vaginal area with a razor with legs spread wide and high, while she video recorded him.  The 25 year old Zelie Timothy then posted the whole romantic encounter on her Instagram stories.  I wonder if a 42 year old  Tyrese is working on a remix to ‘How You Gonna Act Like That’?    The only thing missing in the video was ‘Imma leave the door open ♫’ playing in the background.

The question is ladies and gentlemen is that romantic or nah?

Take a look at the video below

Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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