Tyrese summons his inner Marvin Gaye in ‘Love Transaction’ harmonizing about getting got for thousands in child support

Tyrese Gibson says he can pay the $636k, however Tyrese is singing ‘how you gonna act like that’ to the judge

After four years of marriage singer/actor and his now ex-wife Samantha Lee called it quits, filing for divorce in 2020 only to finally get their day in court recently in 2022 and it seems after a judge went in on Tyrese with a remixed version of ‘Shame’, Tyrese has been acting like Jody at the […]

Tyrese may be a pantie remover R&B singer but he show knows how to go Jodie in ‘Baby Boy’ when it comes to his women. One minute he is in love with the love of his life the next minute he is dragging them on social media unapologetically. Tyrese Gibson had once said proclaimed that […]

A little over a week ago ‘Baby Boy’ actor/singer Tyrese left a movie set summonsing prayer warriors for his mom that was admitted to a hospital then being placed in ICU battling Pneumonia and COVID.  Tyrese appreciative of those prayers would take to his social media often giving everyone an update on his mother Priscilla […]

When prayers go up, blessings come down and actor/singer Tyrese summoned prayer warriors to pray over his mother this past weekend, when he had to leave a movie set to get to the hospital because his mom was in a coma battling Pneumonia and COVID in an ICU. “My mother is in a coma, in ICU, with […]

Women are the most sensitive, loving and emotional beings on this planet.  Ladies, fellas now that women like to be wined and dinned.  Men know that women love to receive flowers, especially at work.  Women love to walk hand and hand with their man.  A lot of women in the new millennium don’t like to […]

Mary J. Blige turned 50 years old, proving black don’t crack and even though 50 symbolizes the over the hill mark, her body is stilling perfectly displaying beautiful peaks and valley’s.  However during her 50 year old extravaganza celebration Mary J. Blige had to show, Baby Boy, Jody that she might have the body of […]

SHAME on Me, R&B singer Tyrese is closing out this historic, strange year of 2020 on an even stranger note. Tyrese announced, via social media, that he and his wife of 4 years would be getting a divorce, sad but not strange, but then his car is stolen out of his driveway, unfortunate not terribly […]

Shame on him!!  Lady’s can you believe this, the man that made you all melt when he belted out ‘Be my sweettttt lady….’ ♫, then had Taraji P Henson looking like Miss Celie from The Color Purple 5.0 in ‘Baby Boy’ as Jody, singer/actor, Tyrese, didn’t feel the same way about himself as you ladies […]

We are all in this together as we are at war with the COVID-19 pandemic and the pied piper of Gospel Music, Kirk Franklin, is leading the charge of upliftment with the help of some of the greatest voices in the music industry with is IGTV ‘I SMILE’ remix video. Kirk Franklin is officially the […]

There is a movie releasing that is flying below the radar only because it might make some uncomfortable however it doesn’t lessen the importance of watching it.  Black and Blue premiered in select theaters earlier this week and opens in theaters to the public today is directed by Deon Taylor and stars singer/actor Tyrese. Black and Blue is […]