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There is a movie releasing that is flying below the radar only because it might make some uncomfortable however it doesn’t lessen the importance of watching it.  Black and Blue premiered in select theaters earlier this week and opens in theaters to the public today is directed by Deon Taylor and stars singer/actor Tyrese.

Black and Blue is about a rookie policewoman (played by Academy Award nominated Naomie Harris)  in New Orleans who captures the shooting death of a young drug dealer on her body cam. After realizing the murder was committed by corrupt police officer she reaches out for help and that’s when the action get’s lit.

Tyrese and Deon Taylor sat down recently with Tropikana (Radio One radio host on 101.1 The Wiz in Cincinnati ) while all were in Manhattan, New York for the movie premiere of Black and Blue, to talk passionately about the importance of this movie, given the climate of African Americans and police relations in the year 2019.

Take a look at what Deon Taylor and Tyrese had to say about the importance of Black and Blue as well as the trailer below.

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