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After four years of marriage singer/actor and his now ex-wife Samantha Lee called it quits, filing for divorce in 2020 only to finally get their day in court recently in 2022 and it seems after a judge went in on Tyrese with a remixed version of ‘Shame’, Tyrese has been acting like Jody at the beginning of ‘Baby Boy’ when Ving Rhames had to choke him out.

After Tyrese said he was going to obtain Attorney Ben Crump about his divorce hearing drama, Tyrese took to social media to drag his ex-wife a little bit, accusing her of perjury.  Instead of responding to the post in the comments Samantha Lee had her attorney hit Tyrese with a cease and desist order.

Instead of ceasing and desisting, Tyrese took to social media again to serve tea, accusing his ex of using him for his fame and that she is dating ‘someone famous’.  He followed up his rant with.

“If my life was my wife and my family, and I don’t have that anymore, what am I still here for?”

Let’s pray that Tyrese gets some help and find some peace.

Take a look at the video below.

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