Cease And Desist

After four years of marriage singer/actor and his now ex-wife Samantha Lee called it quits, filing for divorce in 2020 only to finally get their day in court recently in 2022 and it seems after a judge went in on Tyrese with a remixed version of ‘Shame’, Tyrese has been acting like Jody at the […]

Allegedly, Dr. Dre does not want to be viewed as “BEATS BY DRE” in the forth coming movie about his baby mama, R&B singer Michel’le, “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge and Michel’le”. It’s being reported that Dre has sent a letter to Sony to “Cease and Desist”. My take on this is….maybe they should not have […]

Beyoncé fans who purchase Queen Bey-inspired do-it-yourself items on Etsy may have to find another way to get their ‘Yonce fix, according to TMZ. A popular “Feyoncé” mug that is meant to be a gift for soon-to-be-married couples is no longer available. That’s because the singer’s lawyers reportedly sent a letter to Etsy requesting that […]