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As the pandemic seems to be reviving down putting an asterisk next to 2020 in the history books, 2021 was going to be a very promising year for Mariah Carey with talks of a new album and world tour, but allegedly, according to someone close to the situation, Mariah Carey has been reduced to a minus 1 from the 99 problems Jay-Z had.

In 2017 Mariah Carey left her former manger in lawsuit fashion to sign with Jay-Z.

♫ I had a dream Someday you and me will find ourselves In love again ♫

According to the source everything they (meaning Mariah and Roc Nation) had been doing some great work together, but much like what happened in 2017 with Mariah and her former manager Stella Bulochniko, Mariah had went in search of new management and believes that she has found it.

♫ And after all this time you think that I wouldn’ t feel the same, But time melts into nothing and nothing’s changed ♫

So allegedly, according to the source:

Mariah and Jay had an explosive meeting which did not go well at all,” “She has made it clear she wants nothing more to do with him and has called it quits with Roc Nation. She will formally depart in the next few weeks.”

♫ Each day of my life, I’m filled with all the joy I could find, You know that I, I am not the desperate type ♫

But just like us, Mariah Carey caught wind of the alleged rumor of the break-up/explosive media and she took to her social media to put what she is calling lies to rest.

“The only “explosive” situation I’d ever “get into” with Hov is a creative tangent, such as our #1 song ‘Heartbreaker’,” the 51-year-old singer wrote in a tweet. “To the people who make up these lies I say “Poof! —Vamoose, sonofa*****”!”

Well it’s seems that somebody is lying but whatever the case we hope that Mariah Carey’s and Jay-Z’s future endeavor dreams come true.

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