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Maxwell and Fantasia Concert at Red Hat 2016

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News broke last month that 36 year old American Idol Star and recording artist Fantasia Barrino and her husband Kendall Taylor  welcomed the birth of their baby girl Keziah on May 23rd.  But what some didn’t know is that Keziah has been in the NICU since she was born.

♫ When I met you, I never knew, ‘Bout all the things you see me through, When I met you, I never knew, ‘Bout all the things that we would do, Then I met you, When I met you, I met me too ♫

But the blessing is Fantasia posted a beautiful picture of the two them along with the news that it’s almost time for Keziah to come home and meet her siblings, 19 year old Zion Quari and 9 year old Dallas Xavier.

♫ Sometimes it takes eighty moments, To show you, you don’t need the drama ♫

A few days after Keziah’s arrival Fantasia took to social media to say this:

“Keziah was born a little too early but she is a fighter just like her Mother,”… “When you see the words Strength, Determined, Perseverance, and Unbreakable think of Fantasia Monique Taylor.”

We will be keeping too cute baby Keziah in our prayers for a speedy welcome home.

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