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Since July 29, 1990, Slider has been the official mascot of the Cleveland Indians baseball team.  He has been loved by many, though apparently, that may not be the case anymore.

PlayUSA, a “a gambling news website,” has recently released results of a poll on the best and worst MLB franchise mascots.

According to “the opinions of 2,000 baseball fans from around the country,” Slider was voted the worst mascot in baseball.

Not only was Slider considered “one of the most disliked in sports,” but also “obnoxious.”

From WEWS News 5 Cleveland:

Here’s what the PlayUSA poll found:

  • Slider ranks as the 3rd most obnoxious mascot in baseball
  • Across baseball, Slider ranks as the least popular mascot

  • Among Indians fans surveyed, Slider only received a 3.46 ranking out of 5

  • The top 5 best MLB mascots: 1. Clark the Cub (Chicago Cubs) 2. PAWS (Detroit Tigers) 3. Dinger (Colorado Rockies) 4. T.C. (Minnesota Twins) 5. The Oriole Bird (Baltimore Orioles).

  • The worst MLB mascots: 1. Slider (Cleveland Indians) 2. Swinging Friar (San Diego Padres) 3. Billy the Marlin (Miami Marlins) 4. Raymond (Tampa Bay Rays) 5. Blooper (Atlanta Braves).

PlayUSA has Slider coming in at 27th place out of all of the mascots listed in the Best and Worst Mascots list.

Don’t worry Indians fans.  Even though not everyone in the U.S. cares for Slider, us local baseball fans love him.

Slider really is “pretty great.”  After more than 30 years, he remains a gem during Indians games.

By the way, the best mascot honors went to Clark the Cub for the Chicago Cubs.


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Article Courtesy of PlayUSA and WEWS News 5 Cleveland

First and Second Picture Courtesy of Jason Miller and Getty Images

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