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A black man called police for help, officers responded, ran the man over killing him. Authorities are calling it a horrific accident, the family is calling the incident BS and want answers.

On June 13, 42 year old Eric Eugene Cole, called 911 after being shot in the arm around 11:30pm,  Eric Cole was lying on his back in the street when responding Officer Amanda Rosales was reportedly confused about the location of the shooting and was reading house numbers when she struck Eric Cole with the police SUV she was driving.  Eric Cole was flown to a hospital and pronounced dead after midnight.   The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office is working to determine Cole’s cause of death which could take up to 12 weeks.  This was all according to Springfield police Chief Lee Graf.

But Eric Eugene Cole’s family isn’t buying the explanation because the whole running him over with the police vehicle didn’t make it into the police report, they never knew he was ran over until 2 days later when a doctor told them, then they had assumed the person who shot him was the one who ran him over, only to come to find out it was the officer.

The incident was caught on dashcam.

According Eric Eugene’s sister

“There is no way that she did not see him,” “My brother made the 911 call. He was on the phone with dispatch and said he was in the middle of the street.”

The family has now retained the services of Attorney Ben Crump

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