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Happy Fourth of July, when we light stuff on fire and fill the fridge with red, white and blue Jell-O shots. But if fireworks aren’t the only thing getting lit this Fourth of July weekend, be sure to make a plan for you and your friends to get home safely.

RADD Ohio Think Before You Drink

Source: Radio One Cleveland / Radio One Cleveland

Why? Because Fourth of July is one of the deadliest holidays, with a lot more people getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. All it takes is one drink or one hit to make driving a terrible idea. Especially when it’s so easy to get home safely.

Make a plan before drinking or using marijuana.

Whether it’s texting an ex or buying multiple rounds of drinks for the entire bar, we don’t make the best decisions while drinking or using marijuana. That’s why before we get ready, before we pre-game, before we do anything, we always have a plan of how we’re getting home safely. Future you will thank you.

Getting home safely is actually really easy.

• Take a Lyft or Uber.

• Split a rideshare with friends.

• Choose a sober driver.

• Take a bus.

• Call a cab.

• Hop on a campus shuttle.

• Call a friend or family member who hasn’t been drinking or using marijuana.

Myth: I actually drive better while I’m high.

THC, the chemical that causes, to use a technical word, *all the feels* you get when using marijuana also causes slower reaction times, impaired cognitive performance, and a distorted spatial sense. Translation? It may feel like you’re in the zone, but marijuana actually makes it harder to drive safely.

Myth: But one quick hit is fine.

Yeah, that’s just…not true. Vaping delivers a higher concentration of THC than smoking marijuana, and even a quick hit will impair your driving.

Myth: It’s just an edible, though.

THC is THC. Whether it’s a gummy, brownie, or weed mac and cheese, they all impair you just like smoking or vaping. And because edibles take longer to absorb, you will remain impaired for a longer time.

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